Benjamin Latimer

Freelance Music Guy


As a “Freelance Music Guy” Ben can help you with any of your tune-related aspirations. His experience across the wide spectrum of music production, from technical know-how to creative expertise, allows him a unique perspective into what tools are necessary to bring out the best of any musing. Whether you’re in a band, a perspective singer/songwriter, or are in need of live entertainment, Ben can make your pipe dream a reality.



Is your project in need of original music? Are you making a short film, in charge of a stage production, shooting a commercial, or involved in a web series/youtube channel? Whatever your creative endeavor might be, Ben can record a custom composition catered to your exact specifications for a flat rate.

Here is a demo reel of some of Ben’s more commercial compositions




Custom Songwriting

Are you an aspiring performer? Maybe you have your own recording set up, your own band, and your own gigs already booked. Ben can ghost-write you a song to release as your own. Any genre, any style, you don’t pay until you’re satisfied.

In-Studio Recording

Trying to get your band off the ground? You could be the next Arcade Fire, but booking shows is going to be hard without an online presence. For a fraction of the cost of a conventional studio, Ben can help bring your single, EP, or LP to life. The Tiny Terrible studio is open for business on the near-east side of Indianapolis. Session instrumentalists/vocalists are available.

This is song was engineered and produced by Ben in the Tiny Terrible Studio.

“House Call” Recording

Are you a singer/songwriter? Maybe you get the job done with your voice and an acoustic guitar. Ben can bring his mobile studio to you. Record your tracks in your own space on your own terms in their comfort of your own home.

This track is a musical interpretation of a client’s poem. Music composed by Ben, recorded at the Tiny Terrible Studio, vocals recorded in a single “House Call” session. Poem written by Elysia Smith

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